Lady Gaga's Best Looks: From 'American Idol' To Her Fame Ball

Disco queen Lady Gaga may be proving she's more than just a blond wig and leotard now that she is ruling the Billboard charts. But, for many, including those who continue to copy her look (see Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie), she will always be a fashion icon. And her performance of "Poker Face" on last night's "American Idol" brought her unique style to even more viewers.

She's said herself that she's as much a performance artist as a singer, and as her popularity grows, so does her onstage look. Out of her many crazy (usually pantsless) getups, we've chosen our five favorites. It was hard to narrow them down, but here they are, in no particular order:

1. Laura Ashley body armor: Gaga seamlessly combined granny panties, a Laura Ashley print (how conservative!), a body-armor-like top and a napkin for a hat at the 2009 BRIT Awards.

2. Leather sculpture dress: In an interesting turn of events, Gaga decided to wear a black leather dress which has some sort of spiked, gold sculpture growing off of it. The sculpture grew from the hip of the dress all the way up to her hair. It also comes in white.

3. Golden German body armor: At a show in Germany, Gaga sported the sculpture headband, but this time opted for a midriff-bearing gladiator top and stepped it up a notch or two by including bejeweled underwear. But she also was modest by including a pair of gloves.

4. Wednesday's "American Idol": Wearing a look that cartoon pop star Jem could have conceived in her wildest dreams, Gaga hit the stage in a black-and-silver star leotard. Keeping the theme alive, she also had a huge star bracelet on. She sported a cropped hairdo instead of her trademark long hair with blunt bangs. But it was her zipper eye patch that really made this look stand out.

5. Crystal-adorned pleather leotard: Sporting a motorcycle hat, Gaga decorated her pleather one-piece with a giant crystal on her waist and another on her shoulder for a performance on the German TV show "The Dome 49."

Honorable mention: For most people, wearing pants would not count as some sort of extreme look, but for Gaga, it's downright revolutionary. Sure they were skintight and pleather, and her hair was literally in the shape of a bow, but getting pants on her takes baby steps.