Britney Spears Fans Pick Their Favorite Circus Tour Costumes

By Ashley Mastronardi

Britney's Circus tour wouldn't have been complete without her barely there bodysuits, glitter, hats, feathers and pasties. The Britster's costumes ran the gamut of sexy: she was a corseted cop, a domineering drill sergeant, a ringmaster in red and even a fire-wielding welder in a sleek black one-piece.

But most fans seemed to rate Brit's costumes in terms of how they complemented her body, which has been under a microscope since Britney hit the public eye. "She rocked the house with her body!" Dawn Carson said of Spears' fashion.

These were the overwhelming favorites at Brit's Pittsburgh concert Saturday:


5. Welder Britney

Britney hit the stage as a sexy welder in a slimming black one-piece, sunglasses and ankle boots for "Do Something" and "Slave 4 U." "She's keeping up with the latest fashion trends in this look," one fan said. "It made her look really cool."

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4. Glittery Britney

For most fans, this nude, glittery get-up conjured up memories from Britney's "Toxic" video — in which she wore a nude bodysuit dripping with diamonds. "It definitely reminded me of her in the 'Toxic' video, so obviously it was my favorite outfit," Caitlin Snow said. "It made her body and face look really pretty, and it drew a lot of attention to her."

3. Sparkly Stripper Britney

Some moms in the audience thought Britney crossed boundaries in this outfit, but her younger fans loved it! "I loved that she wore this after having two children" Kristen Jenkins said. "She made her body look so amazing with those two tassels!"

2. Officer Britney

The tight corset she wore over a blue cop shirt sucked in her tummy and lifted her behind — not that she needs much sucking or lifting. Fan Katie Creveling agreed: "Her body looked amazing — and 'Womanizer' is my favorite song!"

1. Old-School Britney

Britney rocked out to "Toxic" and " ... Baby One More Time" in sparkly black pants and a black-and-white-striped cropped shirt. She was also wearing a slimming black belt. This outfit was by far the fan favorite. Why? "She seemed really upbeat in this look" Melissa Mosley said. "It brought her to life and back to Britney again!"

Britney Spears

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