I Admit It: I Am A Bow Wow Fan

By Angelique Smith

Last night at Santos Party House, I was expecting to cover Bow Wow's album release party for New Jack City II. That's it — nothing else. I expected the press line, celebs, screaming girls and an excited Bow Weezy celebrating the release of his seventh album. Little did I know that this would bring me back to my first concert: the Scream Tour.

Yes, I am admitting it — I am a Bow Wow fan! And last night took me back to being a giddy fan, singing his hits word for word, blending in with the 12- to 16-year-olds screaming at the top of their lungs. "Hair nappy but I'm happy/ Pocket full of dough/ From the C.O., representing So-So!" I will admit that it was worth the wait, after freezing for hours before his arrival.

I just might have to go dust off my Bow Wow posters and bring out my Beware of Dog album and sing along like I did last night, taking part in the New Jack City II fan phenomenon. When he releases his eighth album, I might just have to be one of the many standing in line screaming, "I love Bow Wow!" We will see. But for now, I have been exposed!