In Honor Of April Fools' Day, We Punk'd Kim Stolz ...

Kim Stolz just got punk'd! And if I'd known earlier how she'd react, believe me, I would have done it a long time ago.

When two of our interns, Talia and Kathleen, came over and asked me if I wanted to pull a prank on someone in the office, it didn't take that much to convince me. In fact, all it took was a snake-in-a-can and Kim in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We secretly hid the flip-cam behind some tapes, and as we were planning on how to get Kim to come over, she literally walked by. Perfect timing!


After stalling for a second to hit "record" on the flip-cam, our brilliant prank rolled into action.

I lured Kim into position with the promise of hearing the forthcoming Asher Roth album, and cued Talia with the "surprise package from the record label"!

I'm not sure if the best part was her initial silent shock or her subsequent outburst of genuine anger — or even her menacing threats to Talia!

Flip-cam: $50. Snake-in-a-can: $5. Kim Stolz flipping out: priceless!