'Real World: Brooklyn' Star Chet Is Not Kim's Rival!

While watching some "Real World" dailies today, I was brought back to that fateful day last year when I gave Real Worlder Chet Cannon lessons on how to be an MTV News correspondent. That experience led me the next week to a visit to the "Real World" house in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where I had a return-to-reality-show-life anxiety attack. OK, not a real anxiety attack, but it was creepy!

Also, why would I teach someone else how to take my job? Idiot! Seems I lucked out though. I wrote Chet an e-mail today, wondering what he was up to.

“I'm back in NYC and will be the FriendsorEnemies.com correspondent for the upcoming music festivals," he wrote back. "I was approached by a network recently and screen-tested for a future position (fingers crossed). And I'm still waiting to hear back from MTV. ... Four months and no call back is normal, right? Haha. Maybe they lost my number. That sounds logical enough."


But we reality-TV stars have to watch out for each other. Only one out of every 93,840,923,849,038,940 of us actually lands a job post-program. But people like Chet and me can totally kick it with each other because, well, I'm pretty sure networks see us as two different types (boy/girl, Utah/NYC, Mormon/gay, purple everything/ purple nothing). Sigh of relief.