Whitney Port Becomes Our New Favorite MTV Reality Spin-Off Star

With no publicist in sight, the beautiful and charming Whitney Port walked into the penthouse suite of the London Hotel in New York for her interview with us. For any reporter, the lack of a publicist around a celebrity means one thing and one thing only: You can ask anything and everything that you want (short of upsetting them quite so much that they never want to speak to you again — it's an art, really).

As the interview went on, however, it became pretty clear that Whitney is really in no need of a publicist. Unlike a couple of young stars that we've talked to, Whitney was on top of her game — articulate and intelligent. In fact, her only gaff — which was amazing and made me like her even more — was saying that she absolutely hated "Twilight," the movie. Can you imagine? A huge MTV star expressing dislike for the tween phenomenon that has taken over our lives for the past year and more? Brilliant. (She did say she loved Robert Pattinson, however.) Oh, Whitney, you are now my favorite "Hills"/ "City"/ [Whateverthenameofthenextspinoffis] character.

Whitney also cleared up the Elle cover debacle. The short version, for those of you who don't watch "The City," is that Whitney pulled a look for Jessica Alba to wear on the cover of Elle magazine. Olivia (her frenemy at Diane von Furstenberg) stole the idea and got credit for the cover. However, when the magazine hit newsstands, Alba was definitely not wearing the look that Whitney pulled. The betrayal! The confusion! The drama! We at MTV News lost at least .4 hours of sleep over it. But it was all cleared up on Saturday morning, when Whitney explained that the look she pulled was for "subscribers" not "newsstands." What? Oh, well.

My favorite part of the interview was when I basically tried to trick Whitney into joining my team. As we all know, she worked in the Teen Vogue intern closet on "The Hills," before landing a much more substantial and exciting job in NYC.

"How does it feel to FINALLY be out of the closet??" I asked her. **Crickets** Instead of letting the awkwardness take over, though, I let her know that I meant the intern closet, and we all had a good laugh over it.

As far as the next season, we're all going to have to wait to see if Jay comes back (she told me that they're "talking" right now), if we'll see Olivia again (Whit's got no problem with her coming back), and if she'll even stay at DVF! (She alluded to wanting to check out other fashion houses, PR firms and different parts of the industry). One place we won't see her is on "Dancing With the Stars" or "American Idol." She seemed rather adverse to singing and dancing for a living. Yes, this means we won't have another young star's album to pretend to like! Thank you, Whitney! And, well, after this interview, I don't think we'll be seeing her in any of the "Twilight" sequels either.