What's It Like To Kiss Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey?

By Rachel Josue

Isn't that the question on everyone's mind after watching the sexual tension between Ms. Carr and Dan turn into full-on make-out sessions on the past few episodes of "Gossip Girl"? I asked the source herself, Laura Breckenridge — better known as Rachel Carr — at Wednesday night's Gen Art Film Festival launch party in SoHo.


"Well, he's a very handsome guy and he's a very sweet guy. I do have to say that when you're doing that on set, it doesn't sound very sexy. You're in a scene, and it's very technical, so it's not necessarily a steamy make-out scene, as much as it seems ... but he's very nice. I've got to say, those scenes sometimes are more awkward than sexy, but it was fun."

It can't be easy to be Blake Lively, watching her onscreen on-again-off-again boyfriend and real-life love make out with other women, but Breckenridge dismissed the notion. "No, they're very professional," she said, smiling. It seems the catty nature of the show is something that doesn't sneak its way into real life.

In fact, the "Gossip Girl" set seems to be a great place to work, as we heard from Michelle Trachtenberg at Sundance in January, and Breckenridge's experience was no different. Most of her scenes were with show's three hottest stars — Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and, of course, Penn Badgley — and she had a great time. "[It was] one of the most fun jobs I've ever had. First of all, the show's a lot of fun. Also the cast and crew are amazing. I was the newbie on set, and they were very welcoming. I loved going to work; I don't think you can ask for a better working environment.

"I don't know if I can pick a favorite [cast member to work with]. I worked mainly with Penn, Blake and Leighton, and I really loved all three of them. I can't pick, I honestly can't choose. They were all very fun."

In light of Michelle Trachtenberg's forthcoming return to the show this spring as troublemaker Georgina Sparks, it's possible for anyone's character to return to the show (except maybe Bart Bass). What about Ms. Carr? "I'm not sure. I think Ms. Carr left in a lot of scandal. She fell from grace a bit," Breckenridge said.

You never know.