John Cena Takes On ’12 Rounds’ Of Tough Questions … And Desserts!

By Jenna Talavera

John Cena is a wrestler, actor and hip-hop musician, but is he adding “ice cream connoisseur” to his résumé? Cena closed down Cold Stone Creamery on 42nd Street for a sit-down interview with MTV News about his upcoming movie “12 Rounds.” Although ice cream has nothing to do with the film, Cena was game to take on 12 rounds of Cold Stone’s creations and 12 rounds of MTV Movies Editor Josh Horowitz’s questions — as long as it didn’t mess up his clothes. (Wearing a white button-down, fitted blazer, jeans and white sneakers didn’t help much!)

It started with one scoop on a cone, which led to cupcakes and shakes. With each round, I was learning more and more about Cena. He loves playing video games but hates losing. “I want someone to play me but lose so I can have status,” Cena said. As much as I laughed, I thought to myself, “Did he really just say that?”

(Check out the “12 rounds” of treats Josh and John consumed, plus more interview details, after the jump!)

Cena called on more rounds with great enthusiasm, ready to tackle anything from cookie dough to Oreos. But after the ninth round, he and Josh almost lost count! As pint-size cartons were served, Cena talked about his past collaboration with Rick Ross and revealed that he wouldn’t mind working with Jay-Z, Jadakiss or 50 Cent in the future. Josh asked him to freestyle, but Cena would only do so if he spit some lines in return. Not knowing where to begin, Josh mumbled a few words until Cena took over and turned it into an impressive three-minute freestyle. Cena smoked Josh, and I’m glad I was there for it (sorry, Josh, I give you credit for trying).

Many spectators were pressing their faces on the glass windows, upset that they couldn’t indulge in Cold Stone creations, but with one round left, it was time for the finale … round 12! Cena anxiously looked on as two cakes were placed on the table. He took a deep breath and finished off strong, taking a bite out of the strawberry red-velvet cake. I wish I could say the same for Josh, whose spoon broke trying to scoop it out, but luckily it was the last question.

And just when I thought the interview was about to wrap up, John Cena left me laughing again! When the bill came for all the ice cream, he smiled and handed it to Josh. While Josh kindly handed it back, Cena claimed that he left his wallet in the car and walked away, leaving Josh with 12 rounds of ice cream.