Is Eminem’s New Name ‘Rain Man’?

Quick: What do Eminem and Dustin Hoffman have in common? What about Dr. Dre and Tom Cruise? Until today, we here at MTV News couldn’t have come up with much besides them all being really, really rich. But check out this photo from the set of Em’s latest music video and tell us it doesn’t look like the rappers are doing their best “Rain Man” impression.

Go with us on this one for a second. First off, there’s Slim Shady all clean-cut, with dark hair sculpted into a neat side part. What, you don’t immediately see the resemblance to Hoffman’s autistic genius Raymond Babbitt? Fine. But now note those matching gray suits and white shirts. Hoffman and Cruise wore almost the exact same outfits in “Rain Man.”

And where did they get all dressed up to go? The casino. Cruise’s Charlie had a get-rich-quick scheme to use Ray’s ridiculous counting skills to win big at the Vegas blackjack tables. Now back to the music-video photo: What are Dre and 50 Cent doing? They’re staring intently at something Em is trying to explain, as if he’s got some sort of trick up his sleeve and they’re trying to learn from him. What game are they playing? Blackjack. Where is the video being filmed? The Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

Still not convinced yet? Really? Recall a track off Em’s 2004 album Encore called — you guessed it — “Rain Man.” Check out the lyrics: “My name was not to become what I became with this level of fame/ My soul is possessed by this devil/ My new name is/ Rain Man.”

Case closed! You heard it here first: Eminem’s new video for “We Made You” — the first single from his upcoming album Relapse — is a riff on 1988’s Academy Award winner for Best Picture.

See for yourself April 7 when the video hits the airwaves.

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