Pearl Jam Bonanza: ‘Rock Band,’ Ten Deluxe Editions Released

By Nick Neofitidis

Even in this mega-deluxe-edition era, the new reissue of Pearl Jam’s 1991 debut album, Ten, is nothing short of awesome. With classic tracks like “Alive“, “Jeremy” and “Black” defining much of alternative rock in the early ’90s, to me, the album stands the test of time and certifies Pearl Jam as one of the best bands of the era.


Ten will be reissued in four editions on Tuesday (March 24), with extras ranging from a re-mastering and remix of the entire album, six bonus tracks (“Brother,” “Just a Girl,” “Breath and a Scream,” “State of Love and Trust,” “2,000 Mile Blues” and “Evil Little Goat”), re-designed packaging, a DVD of the band’s 1992 appearance on MTV’s “Unplugged,” an album of its September 20, 1992, concert in Seattle, a replica of the original demo cassette, and a replica of Vedder’s composition notebook. Phew! Now that’s a deluxe edition!

And if that’s not enough, “Rock Band” is kicking things up a notch, too. Simultaneous with the release of the album, the good folks at “Rock Band” will be offering up the entire Ten album.

So now all you need is a pair of cut-off jean shorts, an old plaid shirt, a backward baseball cap, hair down your back and a girlfriend who rocks a Nirvana tee …