SXSW 2009: Meet The A-Team

South By Southwest is a big deal. Which is why MTV News sent our A-Team down to Austin to cover it … A crack squad of writers, producers and electronics experts (plus a token indie snob), on a mission to deliver you the best moments from the biggest music festival in the U.S.

Over the next 96 hours, our Team will be blogging their brains out, interviewing their a–es off, and checking out bands, both big and small. They will probably also eat at some point. Sleep is not an option. Sunstroke definitely is.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. And as such, we figured you’d like to know more about the brave men and women who are forgoing shut eye and leaving their loved ones behind to bring you the news and events of SXSW 2009.

So, let’s the final two members of the team, shall we?

Andrew Ross Rowe, aka “Computer”

The tech connect. The man with the plan. Is able to fix anything, then post it on the Interwebs. Makes HTML jokes. Is exceptionally tall, yet probably cannot dunk. Constantly on Twitter.

Fun Fact: He braved a huge line to get the iPhone 3G.

Act I’m Most Looking Forward To Seeing At SXSW: “The Harlem Shakes, because their live performance has so much energy.”

Twitter? See above: @MTVAndy

James Montgomery, aka “Grampaw”

MTV News’s Rock Editor/token bitter old man (sorry, Loder). Thinks none of the bands at SXSW could carry Pavement’s jock. Is frequently confused by technology. Is frequently bemused by “lo-fi” bands. Has Twitter beef with Dave Navarro.

Fun Fact: Is probably complaining about something right now!

Act I’m Most Looking Forward To Seeing At SXSW:Didn’t I already answer this? Oh, okay then. Dan Auerbach.”

Twitter? Regrettably, yes: @Positivnegativ

MTV News will be all over the South by Southwest festival this week, with blogs, articles and video on all the gigs, the artists and the scene!