SXSW 2009: Dave Navarro Totally Tweeted About Me

So here’s the beauty of being a rock journalist in this day and age: during an interview, your subjects can totally Twitter about you. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Case in point: This afternoon, we made the long trek across Austin to sit in a conference room and interview the recently reunited Jane’s Addiction, who are in town to play a gig at tonight’s Playboy magazine party at SXSW. It was a decidedly un-rocking affair, and no one appeared to want to be there less than mercurial Jane’s guitarist Dave Navarro, who made no bones about the fact that he thought most of my questions weren’t up to par.

And while he did manage to spit out an answer or two (and get in a few digs at MTV, which is always appreciated), he spent the majority of our 15 minutes hammering away on his Blackberry, something I tried to ignore, until one moment, when I heard a distinct CLICK! It was at that moment that I knew that he had just taken my picture … and he was going to use it for nefarious purposes.

Of course, I didn’t realize just how nefarious he would get: And almost as soon as our interview was done, our producer Dee started getting bombarded with Facebook messages … apparently, Navarro had Tweeted about me.

And, lo and behold, he had. I didn’t see the photo until later, and I’m not really sure what to think about it. One one hand, I do sort of look like I’ve just proposed perhaps the most brilliant question ever constructed (note the thoughtful placement of the hand). On the other hand, I look kind of fat.

And Dave, no hard feelings. I understand doing press is a total drag. And Tweeting is a pretty decent way to break the monotony. And yes, I am now following you on Twitter.

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