Mark Hoppus Tweets About MTV News, Blink-182’s Rehearsal Agenda

I’m not trying to say that Mark Hoppus is addicted to Twittering. But, man, Mark Hoppus is totally Tweet tweaked, and we love it.

Not only did Hoppus, the bass player for reunited pop-punk monsters of rock Blink-182, notice our story about how much he Twitters, he then Twittered about it.

If you recall, on Wednesday, we published a story about Hoppus’ obsessive Twittering about the hugely anticipated Blink reunion tour this summer. Then, just a few hours later, he wrote, “MTV News just wrote an article about how much I Twitter.” Ha! Score!

Of course, Hoppus had plenty more to share in the interim, such as a cool snapshot of the Blink-embossed notebook he’s using to write down lyric ideas for new songs while on tour — we’ll totally take one of those if you have any extras, Mark — as well as what he said was not a setlist but the songs the band is rehearsing this week.

He also wrote that during Wednesday’s rehearsal, “I realized how excited I am to take the stage, walk up to the microphone, and say, ’Hi. We’re Blink-182.’ ”

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