SXSW 2009: White Denim Show Us Austin's Underbelly

In a way, Austin's White Denim sound a lot like an amalgamation of the city itself. Part punk, part funk, with a little psych and some C&W thrown in for good measure, their songs recall the legacy of Austin icons like Roky Erickson and Daniel Johnston, plus, heck, a little Stevie Ray Vaughan, too.

And as such, we figured they'd be the perfect band to show us around Austin ... the real Austin, that is. We were interested in finding decidedly off-the-beaten-path spots where SXSW attendees dare not tread. And, boy, did they take us off the beaten path. From beers and shuffleboard at the smoky Poodle Dog Lounge to shakes and burgers at the legendary Top Notch, Josh, James and Steve proved to be the best tour guides in the business.

For a band that's spent much of the past year touring the U.K. (they'll release their new album there this spring ... they don't actually have a label here in the States), they sure know Austin's Underbelly well. See for yourself:


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