Peter Bjorn And John’s New Video Just Might Save Us All

The $165 million in AIG bonuses. Record foreclosure and bankruptcy rates. Formerly middle class families tossed out of their homes and onto Skid Row. The Madoff ponzi scheme. 401(k) plans wiped out. The women on “Rock of Love Bus.”

You can’t help but be bummed out by the news lately. It’s just a non-stop torrent of bad, sad and soul-crushing bleakness. So, I went out in search of something — anything — that would break up the black clouds and take my mind off of all the depressing headlines.

And I found it. Curiously, it wasn’t on a mountain top in Tibet, or at a yoga studio, or even at my buddy Eric’s house — and trust me, that guy’s got an arsenal of mind relaxers.

No, it was in the hypnotically WTF?-tastic new Peter Bjorn & John video, “Nothing To Worry About.” I don’t know much about this video’s origin, only that the Swedish trio aren’t in it and it features members of the infamous Tokyo Rockabilly Club, a weekly Sunday gathering of Japanese retro-greasers in love with all things 1950s.

Watching these mostly middle-age men with gravity-defying ducktails, elaborate skin art, leather boots held together by duct tape and skintight leather pants and jackets almost made me forget about all the world’s troubles. “This is exactly what we need right now, it’s like a total breath of fresh air,” my wife — who also couldn’t take her eyes off the dancers — said.

The combination of the rattling-bones percussion and the kinda-creepy children’s choir in the song and the totally un-self-conscious, amazingly agile dance moves from the dead-serious Asian bobby-soxers is like a brief glimpse of pure, timeless joy.

And couldn’t we all use a little joy right about now?

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