Kid Cudi's Not-So-Dark Alter Ego Revealed!

By Angelique Smith

Sometime ago my Cleveland buddy Scott, better known as Kid Cudi, told me about his alter ego, Juan Pablo. And despite all of the other personal information that I could have disclosed for his interview with MTV News, I decided that this would be beyond perfect. When MTV News correspondent Tim Kash hit him with, "You have to tell me about Juan Pablo," Cudi was thrown far left field.


"How in the world do you know about Juan Pablo?!" he asked, while I was sitting in the back of the room, sweating, hoping Tim Kash wouldn't snitch on me.

Cudi, unsurprisingly, was a sport and gave MTV the same vivid illustration of Juan Pablo he gave me. Cudi explained that because he is black and Mexican, Juan Pablo is a character he created to resemble his Mexican roots. Scott (as I still like to call him) demonstrated Juan Pablo's Mexican accent as he said, "My swagga on a hundred thousand trillion, you can't say anything to me."

Meanwhile, he still hadn't caught on that I was the one who had revealed his secret!

"He's got swag, but he's so silly," he told Tim. "But people just let him do his thing, because he has so much confidence in himself."

To me, Juan Pablo and Kid Cudi are one and the same.