Russell Brand Takes Over An MTV Elevator

By Josh Horowitz

Russell Brand is a recovering sex and heroin addict. He’s been kicked off the BBC thanks to a poorly received prank call last year. Oh, and then there’s the time he showed up dressed as Osama Bin Laden at his old MTV gig back on September 12, 2001. That one didn’t go over well at all.

So maybe I wasn’t completely surprised when our shoot with him this afternoon went bonkers. Russell is at his best when he’s off the cuff, just riffing with strangers, so we decided to throw him right into a mess of people. To my knowledge, we conducted the first interview ever to take place in an actual working MTV elevator today. And yes, Russell struck up awkward and amusing chats with security men and every lovely young lady who happened to stroll in.

But the interview really took a turn when last year’s VMA host lived out a childhood fantasy: hitting the emergency-stop alarm in an elevator. Watch below as he makes our life a living hell even as we’re laughing through it.


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