'Detox' Host Jim Cantiello's Obsessions Reach Beyond Pop Culture To ... Dogs

If a grown man who occasionally dresses up in women's clothing, complete with a blonde wig and fake boobs (purely for comedic purposes of course), and who has a very unhealthy obsession with all things pop culture ("American Idol," "The Hills," "ABDC" ... you name it, he loves it) asks you if he can borrow your beloved dog for a shoot — you probably would say, "NO!"

But not when it’s Jim Cantiello from MTV "Detox"!

I've sat next to MTV's resident pop-culture expert Jim for the last two years and from my very first day, my eyes and ears were well and truly forced open to the world of "Project Runway," "ABDC," kitsch YouTube clips, trashy blog sites and yes ... "American Idol" (thanks, Jim!).

But one thing fans of "Detox" should know about Jim is that he has an obsession greater than all the others put together: Jim Cantiello is a big animal lover.

So when I brought the latest addition to the Kash clan — my Brussels Griffon/ Yorkshire Terrier-mix puppy — into the office to meet the news team, Jim, who was busy filming the latest installment of "Detox," asked if the puppy could make a cameo on the show.

So check out the pic below of the puppy and Jim on the set of "Detox," and catch them both on the latest episode on MTV.com on Saturday night.

P.S. Jim, the invoice for her cameo appearance is in the post!

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