Did You See This?! Pete Wentz, Jessica Simpson, 'Gossip Girl' And More

By Nicole Tahan

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz approves of the Obamas' first-dog choice. Portuguese water dog it is!

Jessica Simpson surprises her fans with her hot new bod while performing in Daisy Dukes but forgets her lyrics yet again! Find out what's going on with the country/pop star.

"Gossip Girl" will rock out with No Doubt. Check out the highly anticipated Gwen Stefani/ Blair Waldorf face-off, airing May 11.

If you live in Japan, "Twilight" fever is just heating up! Check out pics from the red-carpet premiere of "Twilight" in Japan.

Who's up for "Sin City 2"? Michael Clarke Duncan says he's game to come back as Manute if the movie happens.