MTV News Interns Fetch Coffee ... And Demonstrate The Latest Dallas Dance Moves

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang and Melanie Wolfson

Most interns fetch coffee, file papers and do other mindless tasks, but here at MTV News, we have to be up for just about anything. Today, that meant dancing in front of a green screen. That's right — we were asked (read: forced) to break it down "stanky leg"-style in order to bring Dallas dance moves to the masses.

We kicked off our shoes and jumped in front of the camera as part of a video that imitates dances from the Dallas scene. We're not sure which dance was more embarrassing: the "stanky leg" or the "Ricky Bobby." Both involve moves we never thought we'd be making when we came into work today.


We thought we'd share our experience, because it was just too ridiculous to keep to ourselves. Dancing around like you're in an iPod commercial sounds like fun, right? Try terrifying. We're pretty sure the "stanky leg" turned into "twitchy knee" halfway through the process. Even after watching and rewatching the videos on YouTube, we still don't think we got it.

But when producer Andrew started blasting Biggie's "Hypnotize," we started having a little fun — just a little. That said, we'll probably stick to channeling our inner-Soulja Boy solely in the privacy of our homes.

In the end, "MTV Detox" host Jim Cantiello proved to have more rhythm than both of us combined. He even threw in his best Beyoncé impression! You can check out the video here.