Did You See this?! DMX, Blink-182, Normund Gentle And More!

By Matt Wenzel

Is Normund Gentle the best "American Idol" contestant ever? Sound a little far-fetched? We're not joking. OK, maybe a little bit.

Is Blink-182's Mark Hoppus sending out secret messages through his blog? We talked to Mark about his mysterious Morse code message.

Hasn't DMX ever been told not to play with his food? The jailed rapper is facing more jail time after allegedly assaulting a prison guard by throwing a lunch tray at him.

First he was a backup dancer. Then he released an album (does anyone even remember "PopoZao"?). Now, K-Fed is ... designing children's clothes?

On our Splash Page blog, graphic-novel writer Greg Rucka explains why he thinks that a shot-for-shot remake of his book "Whiteout" would not be a good movie.