Bow Wow Definitely Isn't Lil' Anymore

Bow WowBy Angelique Smith

Bow Wow has never been a stranger to MTV. With more than six albums under his belt and now progressing into what he surprisingly loves the most — acting — Bow Wow has certainly grown up right before our eyes.

I was able to tag along on a shoot for the 21-year-old heartthrob to discuss his latest projects, learned lessons through past endeavors and future goals as an artist. And while one may think that this guy is still rather young and hardly matured, I was surprised by his eloquent and well-thought-out responses. (I like how being an MTV News intern offers you the chance to see that these celebrity figures are actually real people. As Bow Wow would say, "We put on our pants the same way you do.")

All in all, I was taken aback by his respectful and mature response to the Chris Brown and Rihanna domestic situation. He said that he, too, had been in a highly publicized relationship and knows how hard that can be, even without the situation CB and Rih Rih face. He wants both to recover from this downfall and get back on top of doing what he, Chris and Rihanna love to do and do best — and that's make music. He sees both of them as friends and good people, and he respects them enough to give them the proper space that is needed for this comeback to happen.

Wow, Bow-Weezy has in fact come into his own and shows it well.