Did You See This!? 'American Idol,' 'Watchmen,' Jonas Brothers And More!

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang and Talia Manzo

Forget Randy, Simon, Paula and ... that other woman. Check out MTV's "American Idol" recap for the real rundown on this week's wannabes. And read Jim Cantiello's live blog to pretend like you're watching the latest round of 12 sing all over again.

Can't get enough of "Watchmen" star and erstwhile "Grey's Anatomy" ghost Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Well, here's some good news from the Splash Page blog: The actor will be revisiting the comic-book-to-movie genre when he takes on the role of Clay in "The Losers."

Bow Wow thinks we should all give Rihanna and Chris Brown some space. The rapper is the latest celeb to speak out on the now-infamous situation.

In their "3D Concert Experience," the JoBros invite fans to see the stage through their eyes. Read about some of the brave stunts the Jonas Brothers had to pull off for the movie.

And nostalgic fans of the '90s could be in for a treat: When Faith No More reunite this year, it'll be with their complete 1997 lineup, including Mike Patton, Bill Gould, Mike Bordin and Roddy Bottum.