On 'MTV Detox': 'Real World' Gets Messy, And So Does Bow Wow

On the new Web show "MTV Detox," our pop-culture superfan Jim Cantiello recaps the wildest happenings from the network's prime-time programming. Stream the show on your mobile phone and on MTV.com. New episodes air Sunday-Thursday at 11 p.m. ET.

On Wednesday night's "Detox," Jim tries to make friends with Real Worlder Sarah by making her a lighthouse, but once again Sarah refuses his advances. It might be best for Jim that they don't become friends, because that "Real World: Brooklyn" house is a total pigsty! Plus, with friends like Bow Wow stopping by, who needs Sarah? To see which "Real World" castmember does a killer Madea impersonation, check out "Detox."