Which Jonas Brother Will Get Married First?

Jonas BrothersWith Joe dating Camilla Belle and Kevin dating hometown love Danielle, all the reporters at the red-carpet premiere of "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" wanted to know: Which JoBro will walk down the aisle first?

Even though Nick admitted to being "single" on the carpet, dad Kevin Sr. thought he might be the one to take the plunge first. "He is the most driven, focused of the three," he said of Nick. "I don't really know who will get married first — maybe Frankie."

We relish the thought of 8-year-old Frankie "Bonus" Jonas getting married before his older brothers. Friends of the Jonas Brothers got into the act and also placed bets on who is going to marry first.

Jordin Sparks thinks it's Kevin. Why? "I'm not really sure about their romance levels, but from what I've seen ... I think Kevin might get married just because he is the oldest."


OK, so that's one vote for Kevin. Meanwhile, Jason Earles from "Hannah Montana" said, "I think Joe will get married first, because he seems really sensitive." (Is sensitive code for lady killer?) "He seems like he'd be ... the one that a girl would, like, snap up."

Earles' "Montana" co-star Emily Osment disagreed. "Joe? Joe is, like, insane. He's always like, 'Let's do prank calls,' " she said. "Nick is sensitive. ... I think probably Nick."

For the record, that's two votes for Nick, one vote Joe, one vote Kevin and one maybe for Frankie. Our money's on Bonus Jonas.

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