When Is 'American Idol' On This Week?

Ricky BraddyForget who makes it to the top 12 on "American Idol." At this point, I just want someone to tell me when the damn show is on!

Like "Scrubs," or one of Joss Whedon's too-complicated-for-the-mouth-breathers-who-watch-prime-time-reality-dating-shows series, for the next two weeks "American Idol" will bounce around the schedule like a Happy Fun Ball. It's on Tuesday! It's on Wednesday! No, wait — it's on Thursday!

This week it was bumped back a night to make room for the president's speech. Next week it expands to three nights. What's next? Five-minute mini-auditions at the top of every hour? Seven-nights-a-week stunts ending in a "guess the time slot" lottery?

The problem has gotten so bad that at one point on Tuesday night, there were more than a dozen "when is 'American Idol' on?" search headlines on the Google Trends site.

A show spokesperson said on Wednesday (February 25) that the time-shifting over the next eight days is a temporary anomaly and that the show will settle back into its usual Tuesday-Wednesday cycle. But, in the interest of keeping your TiVos from throwing a microchip, here's the upcoming schedule ... as far as we can tell.

The next group of 12 wannabes will sing tonight and face elimination during Thursday's one-hour show. Then, the final 12 singers take the stage next Tuesday (March 3) and face elimination the next night (March 4), which will give us the top nine. The following night (March 5) sees the triumphant return of the wild-card show, during which the judges will bring back eight or nine of their favorite singers and pick three to advance to the top 12.

Then, finally, the top 12 will begin battling it out on March 10 during a two-hour show, followed by the traditional elimination program the next night (March 11). Unless they change it again — which they might. Stay tuned here for updates.