Did You See This?! 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson, Seth Rogen And More

50 CentBy Lindsay Wallace

Though he'd made jokes about it on his site, 50 Cent no longer sees humor in the Chris Brown/ Rihanna incident after viewing the leaked photo of a battered Rihanna. How did he find a domestic violence investigation funny to begin with?

Kelly Clarkson is coming back in full force with her new album All I Ever Wanted. In Bigger Than the Sound, James Montgomery thinks we'll all discover that we shouldn't have broken up with her back in the day.

Aubrey O'Day claims she would never say no to a Danity Kane reunion, even though she is pursuing her own solo career.

Seth Rogen confirmed to MTV News that the newest member of his "Green Hornet" team is none other than director Michel Gondry. Find out how the "Eternal Sunshine" auteur came onboard a superhero project.

And over in the Multiplayer blog, check out what a "Resident Evil 5" producer has to say about Japanese and Western influences on the game.

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