What's It Like To Be A Supermodel? We Follow Jessica Stam At Fashion Week

Jessica StamBy Ashley Mastronardi

NEW YORK — Ever wonder what it's like to be a model? I did, so I decided to follow Jessica Stam at Anna Sui's fall 2009 show at New York's Fashion Week to see what her job is really like.

See, Jess isn't just any model. Although her name might only ring a bell because she dated DJ AM and Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis, she's one of the top 10 models in the world (according to Models.com, anyway).

She's currently the face of Bulgari, has many Vogue covers under her belt and is also a Victoria's Secret model. She's only 22 but has been working the runways at New York's Fashion Week since she was 16!

With so much experience, she doesn't seem the least bit nervous as she glides into the backstage area at Sui's show and cheerfully greets the hair team and makeup artists like they're family.

Then she's whisked off to hair. "I think it's perfect the way it is," says Garren, the head hairstylist for the show, not touching a hair on her head. This is followed by a tiara fitting and some fierce makeup.

"It's a very edgy look. Lots of black eyeliner," Jessica says. "It could take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour — depending on how long I'm willing to sit still."

All of the girls are pulled from hair and makeup for a rehearsal. "It's fun because the only people in the audience are the designer and the makeup artist," Jessica says. "They'll cheer us on and scream for us and we'll be laughing. It's fun!"

After some final makeup touch-ups, it's show time!


Jess rocks two looks: a svelte black suit with a tiara, and a dark purple skirt and jacket with a 1920s-inspired flapper hat.

"I'm used to wearing a lot of color at Anna Sui," she says, adding that "black is the new black."

After the show Jess and Anna Sui take some friendly photos. Young girls surround Jess to get pictures and autographs — after all, she is a Fashion Week star!

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