'Hills' Season-Five Trailer Is Full Of All The Drama We've Been Craving

Ready, set, drama! The season-five "Hills" trailer is out, and it's filled with makeups, breakups, shake-ups and tons of surprises.


In the trailer, Heidi is trying to reconcile her relationship with Lauren by showing up to her birthday party. But Lauren isn't sure she can go back there again, even though Spencer's sister, Stephanie, is rooting for them.

Meanwhile, Spencer appears to be feeling a little tied down by Heidi, so he hits on a bartender while out with friends. Obviously, Heidi is not happy to find that out and confronts him about it.

Lauren, Lo and Audrina spend their last night together as roommates, as Lauren tells her friends that, for the first time, she doesn't know what's going to happen next. The drama continues as Heidi confronts the bartender and questions her relationship with Spencer on a visit to her parents' house.

And Spencer gets into a fistfight!

Can Heidi and Lauren be friends again? Will Spencer and Heidi make their marriage official? Will the girls remain friends now that they're not living together? From what we gather from this trailer, when the show comes back next month everyone will be back and everyone's lives are definitely going to change.

We're just hoping Spencer's flesh-colored beard also makes its grand return!