Lindsay Lohan’s Spray-Tan And Diamond Emporium

It often seems like the only projects Lindsay Lohan tackles are partying and getting her picture taken. But, the actress-turned-leggings-designer is expanding her horizons.

We'll let her explain what's been filling her plate these days. (Spolier alert: It includes a spray tan line!) "I actually am starting a spray tan. I'm doing it through Sephora. And it's really exciting cause it's really good and I'm really happy about that," she told E! Online. "My friend and I just had an idea so we did it through my company."

Lohan isn't a one-trick pony, though — she's also concentrating on high-brow projects like, um, a diamond line. Yes, a diamond line. "I'm starting to do a diamond line. I designed this one [points to her jewelry] with my friend Karen from 14 Karats. This is a sliver diamond. Everyone thinks it's a stone and I'm like, 'No it's a diamond, it's not a stone.' "

In between her time being a designer and holding "a lot of meetings for movies and stuff," Lindsay, along with fellow bad girl Lily Allen, set aside some time to get inked. They both got "shhh" tattoos on their index fingers, which she explains is a form of female empowerment.

"I didn't know Rihanna had it," she said. "But it's like a woman-empowerment thing. We had talked about it and when people are saying things I'm always like, 'Shhh.' So it makes sense."

Although she didn't want to say anything about her relationship with Sam Ronson, she did address the reports that she's lost a good deal of weight. "I haven't changed my eating habits," she explained. "I go to yoga once a week, but I don't go more than that because I'm too lazy, but it's probably stress."