Did You See This?! Rick Ross, Kristen Stewart, 'Iron Man 2' And More!

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang

Looks like the Rick Ross and 50 Cent feud isn't dying down anytime soon. Ross says his upcoming LP will outdo his rival's claim-to-fame Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Stay tuned for 50's inevitable comeback dis track.

It's Mixtape Monday! Check out our weekly rundown on the best new material to hit the streets. Today's headliner? Flo Rida.

Sorry, Twilighters, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not the Zac and Vanessa of vampire land. Stewart swears their relationship is strictly platonic. The good news? Pattinson's still on the market, ladies!

Shhh ... We've got some top-secret scoop on the highly anticipated "Iron Man" sequel. It involves a toilet; that's all I'm saying ...

The Rihanna saga continues. TMZ is defending its leak of the photo showing Rihanna's bruised face after an alleged altercation with Chris Brown.