Flo Rida Hears Disco Biscuits’ Cover Of ‘Low’ — And Likes It!

By Alex Shapiro

This morning, as I looked at our shoot schedule for the week, I noticed that Flo Rida would be making a visit to Times Square for next week’s Mixtape Monday. I wanted to ask him what he thought about something that occurred last weekend in Denver …

On Saturday night, one of my favorite bands, the Disco Biscuits, were playing a three-set concert at the Ogden Theatre. The show was capped off by a somewhat unusual song choice for an encore: The band played Flo Rida’s club anthem “Low,” and from the video of the show on YouTube, it looks as if the audience was having as much fun dancing to it as the band was playing it. Hands in the air and hats tipped sideways, Ogden got low, low, low …

So I thought it would be pretty cool to get Flo Rida’s opinion about the Biscuits’ tribute. I showed him the video on a small clam-shell player: He laughed as it played and kept saying, “That’s crazy! Look at the crowd!”

When the clip was over, Flo Rida exclaimed, “Dude’s, like, singing the lyrics to my song! A lot of time people can’t catch the flow — they catch the vibe but they can’t catch the flow. Just to see someone do the song, the beat, and, I mean, give it that rock vibe just lets me know … I mean, if I ain’t never felt like I was famous, I’m definitely famous!”

So props to the Disco Biscuits for making Flo Rida feel famous — and for doing his song justice.