Vote On What Aubrey O'Day Should Wear To Richie Rich Fashion Show!

When we were invited to join ex-Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day on her journey as a model for the Richie Rich show during New York Fashion Week, we eagerly accepted the invite; wherever Aubrey and Richie go, a party is sure to follow.


(Check out Aubrey's options and place your vote, after the jump!)

So, when I — along with my fellow MTV-ers Akshay, Christina and Lisa — showed up to the Richie Rich studio downtown where Aubrey was being fitted, we weren't sure what to expect. The clothes were a fantastic mix of pink and prints and ruffles and sparkles ... which is always expected from a Richie Rich collection.

Much like the clothes, Aubrey sparkles — the girl knows how to show up to a shoot, be professional and always, I repeat, always show everyone the time of their lives. She, along with her partner-in-crime Richie Rich, took a mundane task like trying on clothes and made it super fun.

She tried on a few different looks — one was a very hot pink top that Richie said reminded him of Barbie. The duo paired it with hot pants and left just the right amount to the imagination.

Hot Pink

She also tried on a ruffle dress that had a special "Celebutante" print embroidered on it. It was a bit more demure, but just as exciting.


Aubrey and Richie decided to leave it to her fans and the MTV readers to decide which outfit Aubrey should wear in the show on Wednesday, so get to voting!