A Few Heartthrobs That Didn’t Quite Make The Cut

By Emily Donahue

Picking Hollywood’s finest for our Valentine’s single teen heartthrob list turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought it would. There were so many guys that came to mind, but not all could be included. Some were cut simply because they have a significant other and “single” was a key criteria, but some were for other reasons.

Here’s who didn’t make the cut:

Corbin Bleu – Yes, Corbin is a cutie. He can sing, he can dance — he is even single! And I apologize to all you Bleu birds out there, but I have to say this: Corbin is just plain boring. Come out with a steamy music video, CB! It takes more than a pretty smile to be a heartthrob these days.

Ed Westwick – Oh Chuck Bass, with your red velvet suits and penchant for burlesque shows, who doesn’t love you?

Apparently your castmate Jessica Szorh (Vanessa to those┬áthat go by character┬áname only) feels the same — last week while courtside at a Knicks game you engaged in a PDA-session that crushed the dreams of many, present company included. I think the CW needs to implement a rule in which there can only be one inter-show romance at time and Penn and Blake got there first.

All of the Jonas Brothers – Every Jonas has a girlfriend! I would’ve bet money Kevin was single, but alas, a search showed that he too has a female to accompany him on triple-dates with Joe and Camilla and Nick and Selena. Love bugs indeed.

Anyone we missed that puts you into cardiac arrest? Let us know!