‘Two Lovers’ Director James Gray Speaks Out About Joaquin Phoenix’s Hip-Hop Aspirations

By Saimon Kos

At Wednesday night’s New York premiere of “Two Lovers,” Joaquin Phoenix avoided any and all questions as he rushed past reporters on the red carpet. This being his last movie, many people are wondering if Phoenix will actually turn his full attention to the rap game.

Shedding some light on the situation was “Two Lovers” director James Gray. The two have worked together on a number of movies and are good friends. Gray confirmed that Joaquin is taking music very seriously, saying, “All I know is that the guy built a studio in his house, and it’s not some halfway job. He built this recording studio.” James went on to say that he “hadn’t heard fully produced stuff yet,” but that “he was sort of working on it the last time I was at his house.” When he’ll actually release anything is anyone’s guess, but with his latest movie hitting theaters this Friday, he can now fully dedicate himself to laying down some hot tracks.