Lil Wayne, Fall Out Boy And More Cater To Tech-Savvy Fans With iPhone Apps

By Daniela Capistrano

Lil Wayne’s “Be Like Lil Wayne” app lets you customize your iPhone photos with grillz and other bling, then share with friends. On Fall Out Boy’s app, you can follow them on tour via GPS. Pink wants you to challenge friends through multiplayer racing on “Fast and Furious: Pink Slip.” And the Pussycat dolls want you to play their games on the go.

No longer a space reserved for the tech elite, artists are seeing the potential of iPhone apps and using them to develop an army of young fans who are increasingly mobile.

Nine Inch Nails, Snow Patrol, Justice, Moby and the Fray are just a few other artists who have jumped on the iPhone bandwagon, eager to maintain a connection with their tech-savvy audience. Despite the hefty price tags of iPhones and the iPod Touch (considering our bummer economy), more teens are rocking these slick mobile devices than ever before. Aware of this trend, artists are collaborating with iPhone developers to create branded apps with all the benefits of a MySpace page — without the restrictions of logging on to a computer.

With new apps in the works for Britney, Beyoncé and Akon, fans have the opportunity to connect with their favorite artists — and other fans — in a brand-new way, no matter where they are.

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Some existing apps, such as FOB’s, will continue to be updated with new features. Most of these apps will be bundled with album releases and tours, giving fans up-to-the-minute details and exclusive content directly to their phone.

For now, many apps share standard features such as blog feeds, track streaming and the ability to connect with other fans through GPS, but artists like T-Pain (who, in the next few months, is releasing an Auto-Tune app that will allow anyone to replicate his signature style through their iPhone) are standing out from the pack by providing fans with tools to create their own content.

Industry experts are speculating that iPhone apps will soon be harsh competition for MySpace, but ultimately it all means an increasingly interactive experience for fans.

We’ll be giving you some exclusive looks into the latest iPhone apps before their release, so keep coming back for more updates! Which one of your favorite artists do you wish would release an iPhone app? What would you want it to do? Tell us in the comments!