Diddy On Super Bowl: 'From Obama To The Steelers -- It Don't Get Better Than This!'

By Jayson Rodriguez

Battle lines were drawn between rappers this weekend. Diddy (along with Snoop Dogg) is a hard-core Pittsburgh Steelers fan, as he said on a video blog last week (which we can't link to, owing to his provocative language) before he headed down to Tampa, Florida, for all the festivities surrounding Super Bowl weekend.

We're guessing former G-Unit rapper Hot Rod rides for the Arizona Cardinals, since he is from Phoenix. But after Super Bowl XLIII, where the Steelers defeated the Cards 27-23, Hot Rod didn't return a text asking for a comment on the game. After all, this hasn't been a good year for Arizona: John McCain took an L in the presidential election, then Kurt Warner and company caught one on Sunday night.

Diddy, on the other hand, was plenty joyful following the game, and e-mailed me the following message at 10:43 p.m. ET.

"I've been a Steelers fan since Mean Joe Greene gave the little boy the jersey," Diddy wrote, referencing the classic Coca-Cola commercial from the '70s starring Pittsburgh's former defense legend. "And I always will be. It's a great day to be a Steelers fan. From Obama to the Steelers. It don't get better than this."

For a guy to be such a fan, the note seemed a bit too subdued. My friend Reggie, who was sitting next to me, was cheering so loudly after the roller coaster game we wanted him to take another shot to calm down.

Twenty minutes later, though, the Bad Boy top dog shot me a follow-up message that was more Diddy-esque.

"Six rings, going for seven next year!!!!!"

Guess he thinks the Steelers won't stop either.

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