50 Cent Vs. Lil Wayne: Who Will Come Out On Top?

The first time I ever flew to New York was about six years ago, to interview an artist whose single "In Da Club" had just dropped.

Six years on, 50 Cent is still going hard. He's arguably the most internationally successful hip-hop artist in the game — 50 has elevated himself beyond the world of rap into movies, philanthropy, clothing and above all, business! But with all the executive swagger that 50 has, one thing he never steps away from is beef.

I doubt anyone — any artist, anyway — in music has ever had as much rivalry as 50 Cent, and that's just with other recording artists! From the LOX, Fat Joe, Nas, Irv Gotti, DJ Khaled, Ja Rule, Kanye West, T.I., Camron, Diddy, Game, Cassidy, Young Buck, R. Kelly (50 dissed him at SummerJam), Big Pun, Jay-Z ... from his early record "How to Rob," 50 has never been afraid to go at anyone, whether jokingly or seriously. Even Oprah wasn't safe!

It looks like 50 is hungry again, and next up are Rick Ross for an "appetizer" and Lil Wayne for the "full-course meal" — which are 50's own words on the new dis track "Officer Ricky."

By now, we're used to beef as a marketing move, but obviously 50 loves the competition. His willingness to go in on other MCs is a reason why some love him and others hate him. He thrives on it. With a new album set to drop some time in the coming weeks, it's time to build the hype, and there's no better way it seems than engaging in a lyrical war of words with another heavyweight MC. I wonder how it works? Does 50 sit down with his crew and say, "OK, who can I go at this time?" Obviously, the bigger the name, the bigger the hype. So who's next? (Hell, who's left?)

Eminem is out; he's family. Jay-Z is an obvious choice, but hasn't risen to such challenges lately, being a grown man and all. And he's been going at Kanye West for awhile now. So it all comes down to Lil Wayne, and responding to Rick Ross' slam. Wayne should actually take it as a compliment!

I don't mind a bit of competition between MCs, as long as it stays in the studio.

So who will come out on top: 50 or Wayne? Sound off below!