Did You See This?! 50 Cent, Danity Kane, Robert Pattinson And More

There's a lot going on in the world that doesn't necessarily get addressed in our Newsroom blog. Here's a look at some top stories making headlines today.

Rick Ross isn't too impressed with 50 Cent's new dis track, "Officer Ricky (Go 'Head Try Me)." How do you feel about this latest war of words in the rap world?

A lot of you are upset about the Danity Kane split. Dawn Richard thinks Diddy is too.

"Twilight" alert! Check out the story behind the newly surfaced, and quite revealing, Robert Pattinson photos.

Is Jackie Chan dramatic enough to play Mr. Miyagi in Will Smith's upcoming "Karate Kid" remake? Original Kid Ralph Macchio weighs in.

Game-players: How psyched are you for Activision's "DJ Hero"?!?