Did You See This?!: Danity Kane, 'Twilight,' Kanye West And More!

Danity KaneThere's a lot going on in the world that doesn't necessarily get addressed in our Newsroom blog. Here's a look at some top stories -- from us and others -- making headlines today.

A lot of you have sounded off on the fact that Danity Kane are apparently kaput. Throw your comments into the ring!

"Twilight" alert! Do you think that Lucy Hale would be a better choice for "New Moon" than Dakota Fanning?

Kanye West sent out one of his classic all-caps missives about — what else? — himself!

Barack Obama has inherited a whale of a record collection at the White House — that hasn't been updated since 1981. What albums does Obama need?

Over in movieland, check out our exclusive "Race to Witch Mountain" clip!

And for video game heads, see us get hands-on with Sega's ultra-violent "Madworld"!