Is President Obama Eliminating Snow Days In D.C.?

We've all heard about Barack Obama's first 100 days. He's going to commence his grand plan to fix our economy (a $819 billion economic stimulus plan passed in the House yesterday). He also plans to hike taxes for those making more than $250,000 a year (including himself), along with a new energy policy, a revamping of the public education system, and of course, a bailout for automakers. And finally, there's the dog for his daughters. But wait: What did I hear yesterday? Murmurs around Washington about something even more vital to his kids' lives than a dog ...

Is President Obama going to eliminate snow days???

Yesterday, at press conference focused on the economy, Obama went on a mini-rant about how his daughters' school was canceled "because of — what? Some ice?" He continued about how Chicago would never have a snow-day for "ice" and that "we're going to have to try to apply some flinty Chicago toughness." OMG!

Are Sasha and Malia on board? Well, Obama told the press conference that 7-year-old Sasha commented that in Chicago, when such a wintry mix occurred, "You'd go outside for recess." Oh great — way to go Dad! Now how's she supposed to make friends at her new school?

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