Charles Hamilton Casts A Spell Over The MTV Newsroom

By Steven Roberts

Charles Hamilton in the newsroom on WednesdayCharles Hamilton has developed a sort of a cult following around MTV News. I don't know why, but ever since we featured Charles in Mixtape Monday and as one of our MCs to Watch in 2009, people in our digital-production department (they've made it possible for you to read this) have come to tell me how much they love the rapper.

Our video game editor, Stephen Totilo, has been asking to have him in ever since I showed him Hamilton's "November 10" music video. Charles is quite fond of "Sonic the Hedgehog."

Brendan Kennedy, producer of "MTV Detox," has been obsessed with Hamilton since he heard "Windows Media Player." In fact, Brendan asked if the "Detox" crew could have Charles on as a guest. I figured we could at least ask. Thankfully, he agreed to do it. Charles showed up yesterday to film his appearance on "Detox," and the newsroom was abuzz.

The digital-production team came to meet and take pictures with Hamilton. Stephen came over to give him a Sega scarf. Charles was actually at a loss for words. Even MTV Executive Vice President Dave Sirulnick came over to talk to him. He told Charles that he really liked his work and his "Brooklyn Girls" music video.

He also hit Charles with a barrage of questions, asking where he was from, where he lived now, who he was rooting for in the Super Bowl, etc., etc. Charles laughed, but was impressed by the display. We explained who Dave was to him afterward, and he was surprised. Hopefully he can work this into an appearance on the VMAs.