Did You See This?!: Lil Wayne, Tokio Hotel, Britney Spears And More!

Lil WayneThere's a lot going on in the world that doesn't necessarily get addressed in our Newsroom blog. Here's a look at some top stories -- from us and others -- making headlines today.

Does Lil Wayne's attempt to be a rock star make him the new Axl Rose? Find out in our article!

Tokio Hotel enter the Matrix. Actually they’re just working with the hit producers on their new album.

Joaquin Phoenix's musical career is serious, his rep insists.

Did Soulja Boy get robbed? Maybe?

Are you “lost”? Our resident video game experts will try and help clear things up for all you “Lost” fans!

“Slumdog” Millionaire gets a homecoming fit for, well, someone richer than a slumdog.

Britney is rehearsing for her tour! In a bikini top!