Wale And TV On The Radio Collaboration: Twitter Hears It First

By Steven Roberts

I've been choosing to ignore the existence of Twitter for a while now. I can't understand why people feel the need to update others constantly on what they are doing, thinking or thinking about doing. I'm also amazed that people actually follow what others are twittering — excuse me, tweeting.

In fact, I dislike Twitter so much, I think I missed out on a story. Exactly 23 days ago (I will say that Twitter does keep excellent records), I saw a bunch of blog posts about Wale, one of our MCs to Watch in 2009, working with TV on the Radio. This seemed kind of odd. I'm a fan of both individually, but I couldn't wrap my head around the thought of them working together.

The source for the news of this supposed collaboration: Wale's manager's Twitter! "Wale in the studio with TV on the Radio is gonna be what's hot on the streets very soon," he said. What does that even mean? I honestly took this with a grain of salt.

I missed out on another lead 10 days ago, when a video popped up on Wale's manager's YouTube page of Wale hanging out with Dave Sitek of TVOTR. They are driving around Los Angeles in the video, and Wale is trying to buy a grill. Not to barbeque, but a grill like Paul Wall's.

Lo and behold, I woke up this morning and saw on Pitchfork that Wale and Sitek are working together. Sitek has produced two tracks on Wale's album, featuring appearances by Saul Williams and TVOTR frontman Tunde Adebimpe.

Wale told the site that the collaboration happened really fast. Almost as soon as he got in the studio, they finished one song and then started making another. "It really pushes the envelope farther, as far as musicianship goes," he said of their partnership. "The creativity level has got to be stepped up in 2009 for other artists."

It also looks like I'll have to step up my Twitter game and read Wale's posts about hockey player Alexander Ovechkin and how Rosario Dawson was mean when he first met her.