JoBros And RPattz Wish You A Happy Valentine's Day ... And Reveal A Little More Than You Wanted To Know

Can it get any better than "Twilight" heartthrob Robert Pattinson and Disney sweethearts the Jonas Brothers joining forces to wish YOU, yes you, a happy Valentine's Day? Well, we have Seventeen magazine to thank for this fantastic idea.

However, it does get better. While doing research on the Seventeen magazine Web site to track down the videos, we came across this feature called "17 Questions," and it is hands-down the best thing ever (and we regret not knowing it existed before now). Here's how it works: The magazine rounds up a dishy guy (Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, etc.) and asks them 17 questions about themselves. This leads to some of the most delusional and self-involved answers to ever make the printed Web page (Kanye West not included). Here we analyze a choice few.

The Jonas Brothers: The question was, "Who would play you in the movie version of your life?" Joe wants Corbin Bleu (apparently Joe sees past race), Nick wants Mark Wahlberg (who, might we add, is old enough to be Nick's dad) and Kevin wants Christian Bale (He wants Batman to play him. Really?). Later on in the interview the boys respond, collectively, that they dreamed about flying the night before. That's just creepy.

Robert Pattinson: When asked, "What's the girly movie you secretly love?" he replied, "Pippi Longstocking." We are not-so-secretly confused as to how that qualifies as a "girly" movie. Isn't it a kid's movie? And just to make things more awkward, he added that toilet paper was the last thing he bought. That is both gross and — because he probably thought it would be hysterical — arrogant.

Chace Crawford: The "Gossip Girl" actor said, "Angelina Jolie or Brittany Murphy [are my celebrity crushes]. I actually met Brittany Murphy, and she just exudes this confidence that's very attractive. And Angelina Jolie ... well, come on!" We read this as: "I'm really into slightly crazy chicks!"

There are loads more answers that we don't have the bandwidth to analyze, but (because I know you always wanted to know) if I could have anyone play me in a movie I would have to agree with Kevin Jonas and say Christian Bale.