The Black Lips Set The Record Straight -- Yet Again -- About Canceled Tour Of India

The Black Lips have issues with some recent reports of their canceled tour of India — including our report from earlier today, which said the initial report of the incident was slightly exaggerated — so we got on the phone with frontman Cole Alexander to set the record straight.

Alexander, who said the reports have become a "bit like a game of telephone," confirmed the grittier specifics about the gig, — the semi-nakedness, bandmembers making out with each other, etc. He said the band had been "frustrated" by the lack of audience response at earlier shows in the tour, and decided: "Let's show them!"

However, he did clarify the issue of police involvement. According to Alexander, after the band left the stage, they were cornered in their dressing room with security banging on the door, so they left the venue via an emergency exit. Back at their hotel, they were informed by their tour manager, who also worked for the promoters, that police were on the way. While the band wasn't certain whether this was true, or even if they'd done anything illegal, they "didn't want to take that risk." The Lips quickly drove out of the area and after some drama involving the tour manager and passports, left the country.

The band is currently in Germany recording some material with their friends King Khan & BBQ. Cole described the project as having gospel-like qualities. "We've been really into gospel music ... it's not really religious, though." No word yet on when any of that material will see the light of day, but the band's new LP, 200 Million Thousand, hits stores February 24.