What Steve Martin Might Be Doing This Week On 'Saturday Night Live'

By Garth Bardsley

Andy Samberg"SNL" cast member Andy Samberg and his two writing partners/collaborators, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, are releasing a comedy LP entitled Incredibad on February 10. Since this is the trio responsible for all the great digital shorts airing each week on "SNL" — such as "Lazy Sunday" and "Ras Trent" — I headed across town a few hours ago to ask them a few questions.

After sitting in the waiting room for 20 minutes with a few other interviewers, listening to the uncensored version of "Natalie's Rap" (which features the pint-sized Natalie Portman rapping about wanting to "f--- all night"), I was ushered into a room where the trio was waiting for me.

Being the well-respected journalist and television producer that I am, I put forth an intellectual, thought-provoking query to the comedic threesome, in hopes they would share with me an enlightened response about their work.

Why is it that the short films containing potty humor (see "Dick in a Box" or "Ji-- in My Pants") are always the most popular?

"Everyone has a dong," said Samberg. "Men and women. Everyone has a dong."

The conversation went downhill from there.

"Everyone craps. Think about it," said Samberg. "Imagine Akiva taking a crap. Think about it though, like him, just like ..."

"You want them to, like, visualize it?" Schaffer asked.

You can click the video to watch the rest, but I would recommend finishing your lunch first. But I think it's safe to say that I inspired the short film for this week's episode, hosted by Steve Martin.

"You guys, save it — you can write one of your funny di-- songs about it," Schaffer said, acting entirely put out.

"This week, maybe," Taccone said. "Steve Martin."