Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes' Legacy Continues On Posthumous Solo Album

Lisa Lopes' 'Eye Legacy'By Jayson Rodriguez

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was undoubtedly the sparkplug member of TLC. Her energy was endless. So much so that the pint-size rapper felt her creativity couldn't be limited to her trademark 16-bar rushes that turned Chili and T-Boz's sultry vocals into titanic hits.

Left Eye tried to break out as a solo star on a number of occasions. Her first attempt, Supernova, was shelved in the States by her then-label, Arista, which only released the project overseas. Later, Left Eye ventured out West and landed with Los Angeles-based Death Row Records under the perplexing pseudonym N.I.N.A. That project, like her first, never saw the light of day. Next, as we all unfortunately know by now, the female MC died in a car accident in Honduras.

Today, Left Eye's first solo album will finally be released. Even as a posthumous release, there's still plenty of life on Eye Legacy. The project — featuring guest appearances by Lil Mama, Chamillionaire and Missy Elliott — is largely unreleased material from Supernova paired with production by the Surefire Music Group. Lopes' lyrics still sizzle and ooze with her trademark snappy delivery. Mostly it's the production, ironically, that sounds dated and stifled. But like Lopes says on "Neva Will Eye Eva," produced by her sister Reigndrop: "I tell you, I'm from one equal one/ It's enough, Left Eye show 'em how it's done." Eye Legacy is a reminder of just how high this solo star could have soared.