Mastodon's New Single "Divinations": Merely Awesome, Or LARP-Level Awesome?

If you live in the U.K. or are a diehard fan of bludgeoning-yet-strangely-surgical metal, you are probably already aware that on Monday, BBC Radio premiered "Divinations," the first single from Mastodon's upcoming Crack The Skye album, due next month. This is a reason to rejoice!

Anyway, here in the Newsroom, both myself and producer Daniel "Monty" Montalto were beyond pumped. Neither of us are English, but we are both huge fans of awesome stuff, and Mastodon most certainly falls into that category. We've already written a couple of blog posts about Crack The Skye, so inspired by "Divinations" — a song which is lots of things, inspiring being about 10 of them — we decided to do another one. Here are our real-time reactions to the song, as it blasted on my cruddy computer speakers and annoyed everyone within earshot (Mastodon are awesome for that, too):

Monty: [As the song opens with some decidedly evil-sounding banjo]: "Woah. Are those banjos? This is like hilbilly metal."

me: "It's like technical hillbilly metal. There's a lot going on with this song. It kind of sounds like four songs in one."

Monty: "It kind of sounds like what someone would play if they were trying to convince you that they had discovered demos of the real first Mastodon album. The vocals are all weird, too."

me: "Dude, check out the cover for the 'Divinations' single: It's got a wizard shooting beams of energy out of his eyes, and four gnarly-looking polar bears on it. That's pretty awesome. Wow, so is Brann Dailor's drumming here."

Monty: "The guitar solo at the end is pretty awesome too. It kind of redeems the song in a way."

me: "Yeah, I don't know about this one. I mean, it's awesome, but it sort of seems really busy. Like, almost too busy."

Monty: "This makes me want to watch videos of Live Action Role-Players. Like, dudes with foam broadswords and stuff. Like this one"

me: "Yeah, or this one."

Both: "Mastodon rules!"

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