Black Lips' Escape-From-India Story Was Slightly Exaggerated

A few hours after we posted a story about the Black Lips' recent antics in India, the Lips gave another official story of what went down in the depths of India.

In an interview with Vice, the Atlanta punks say some of the original story they posted in their blog — in which they said they escaped through an emergency exit with security and possibly the police on their heels — was exaggerated. So, while lead singer Cole Alexander did expose himself and make out with guitar player Ian St. Pé, no charges were ever filed and there was no police involvement over the riotous show, though the tour's funding was subsequently pulled by the promoter.

Exactly why the band exaggerated some of its original claims is still a bit unclear. Drummer Joe Bradley told Vice that after the show, the promoter seemed to be trying to hatch a scheme to confiscate the band's passports. But that's all pure speculation on their part.

Whatever happened, the Black Lips left India and are safely in Germany, hanging out and recording with King Khan & BBQ. Today, their blog post was optimistic about their future after the failed tour:

"It was too bad we couldn't finish the tour, but we're gonna make the best of it, and record an entire new album. It's us and King Khan and BBQ joining forces as the Defenders. We started yesterday at Moon studios, and have already completed four songs. Once we're done we'll be giving the album away for free, and maybe do a limited vinyl pressing. I guess India wasn't ready, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise, because we are gonna make our magnum opus."